What is the technology behind car tires that contain information on their optimal air pressure?

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Tires with technology to provide information on their optimal air pressure are typically equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). TPMS is a safety feature designed to monitor the air pressure inside the tires of a vehicle and alert the driver if the pressure falls below or exceeds a certain threshold. There are two main types of TPMS:

  1. Direct TPMS:
    • Direct TPMS uses sensors installed inside each tire to directly measure the air pressure and, in some cases, the tire’s temperature. These sensors are typically mounted on the inside of the wheel rim and are in direct contact with the air inside the tire.
    • The sensors continuously transmit data, including the tire’s air pressure and temperature, to a control module in the vehicle.
    • If the system detects that a tire’s pressure is below the recommended level, it triggers a warning light on the dashboard or provides an alert to the driver, allowing them to take corrective action.
  2. Indirect TPMS:
    • Indirect TPMS relies on the vehicle’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and wheel speed sensors to indirectly monitor tire pressure.
    • This system compares the rotational speed of each wheel to detect variations that could be caused by changes in tire pressure.
    • If it detects significant differences in wheel speed, it may assume that one or more tires have low pressure and trigger a warning to the driver.

Some advanced vehicles may combine both direct and indirect TPMS for more accurate and reliable pressure monitoring. Direct TPMS tends to be more precise and provides real-time data, while indirect TPMS is less accurate and may have a delay in detecting pressure changes.

The purpose of TPMS is to enhance safety by alerting drivers to underinflated tires, which can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, poor handling, and an increased risk of tire failure. Maintaining the correct tire pressure is essential for safe and efficient driving. Drivers should consult their vehicle’s manual for information on the recommended tire pressure, and they can use TPMS to ensure their tires are properly inflated.

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